Mass General is Home to 55 of the World’s Most Influential Researchers

Web of Science Group’s annual list of Highly Cited Researchers was recently released, and we are pleased to announce that 55 investigators from the Mass General Research Institute made the list.

In 2019, fewer than 6,300, or 0.1%, of the world’s researchers were named across 21 research fields.

According to Web of Science Group, the Highly Cited Researchers list identifies scientists and social scientists who have demonstrated significant influence through publication of multiple papers, highly cited by their peers, during the last decade.

For the 2019 report, the papers surveyed were those published and cited during 2008-2018, which then were ranked in the top 1% by citations for their essential science indicators (ESI) and year.

Please join us in saying congratulations to this year’s class of highly cited researchers!

(Investigators with * after their names are MGH Research Scholars. Investigators with ** are Endowed MGH Research Institute Chairs.)

A. John Iafrate, MD, PhDDepartment of Pathology
Aditya Bardia, MPH, MBBSMass General Cancer Center
Alessio Fasano, MDMucosal Immunology and Biology Research Center
Alex Shalek, PhDRagon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard
Alice Shaw, MD, PhDMass General Cancer Center
Andrew Chan, MD, MPH*Department of Medicine
Benjamin Kleinstiver, PhD Center for Genomic Medicine
Benjamin Neale, PhDAnalytic and Translational Genetics Unit,
Broad Institute
Bradley Bernstein, MD, PhD**Department of Pathology
Bradley Hyman, MD, PhDMassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases (MIND)
Bruce Fischl, PhDDepartment of Radiology, Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging
Bruce Walker, PhDRagon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard
Carlos Camargo, MDDepartment of Emergency Medicine
Dai Fukumura, MD, PhDDepartment of Radiation Oncology
Daniel Haber, MD, PhDMass General Cancer Center, Broad Institute
David Ting, MDMass General Cancer Center
Dennis Burton, PhDRagon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard
Dorene Rentz, PsyDDepartment of Neurology
Filip Swirski, PhD*Center for Systems Biology
Gad Getz, PhDMass General Cancer Center, Broad Institute
Galit Alter, PhD*Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard
J Keith Joung, MD, PhD*Department of Pathology
James Januzzi, MDCardiovasuclar Research Center
Jen Sheen, PhDDepartment of Molecular Biology
Justin Gainor, MDMass General Cancer Center
Keith Flaherty, MDMass General Cancer Center
Keith Johnson, MDDepartment of Radiology, Gordon Center
for Medical Imaging
Konrad Hochedlinger, PhDDepartment of Molecular Biology, Broad Institute
Lecia Sequist, MDMass General Cancer Center
Lisa Feldman Barrett, PhDDepartment of Psychiatry, Department of Radiology
Mari Mino-Kenudson, MDDepartment of Pathology
Mark Daly, PhDAnalytic and Translational Genetics Unit
Martin Aryee, PhDDepartment of Pathology, Broad Insitute
Matthew W. Gilman, MDMassGeneral Hospital for Children
Matthias Nahrendorf, MD, PhD*Center for Systems Biology
Maurizio Fava, MDDepartment of Psychiatry
Mehmet Toner, PhDMass General Cancer Center
Michael Barry, MDDepartment of Medicine
Michael Hamblin, PhD Wellman Center for Photomedicine
Michael Lawrence, PhDMass General Cancer Center
Mikael Pittet, PhD*Center for Systems Biology
Nir Hacohen, PhD*Mass General Cancer Center, Broad Institute
Rakesh Jain, PhDDepartment of Radiation Oncology,
Edwin L. Steele Laboratories for
Tumor Biology
Ralph Weissleder, MD, PhDCenter for Systems Biology
Ramnik Xavier, MD, PhDCenter for Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases, Broad Institute
Randy Buckner, PhDDepartment of Psychiatry
Rudy Tanzi, PhDDepartment of Neurology
Sek Kathiresan, MD*Cardiovascular Research Center, Broad Institute, former Director of the Center for
Genomic Medicine
Shannon Stott, PhDMass General Cancer Center
Shyamala Maheswaran, PhDMass General Cancer Center
Stephen Faraone, PhDDepartment of Psychiatry
Stephen Haggarty, PhD*Center for Genomic Medicine,
Broad Institute
Steven Greenberg, MD, PhDDepartment of Neurology
Vamsi Mootha, MDDepartment of Molecular Biology
Xandra Breakefield, PhDDepartment of Neurology

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