SciComm Saturday: Tips for Sharing Your Science with the World

What to Do When You’re Losing Your Audience During a Presentation

Dorie Clark writing in the Harvard Business Review

As a speaker, it’s dispiriting when you feel you’re trying to convey important information and your audience has obviously lost interest. But your only chance at being heard is finding a way —somehow — to re-engage them.

How I Like to Write an Abstract

Jean Fan writing on the JEFworks website

The abstract is usually the first, perhaps only, part of your paper read by the reader. There are many different ways to go about writing an abstract and sometimes what goes into an abstract will depend on factors like character limitations. But in all cases, I believe an effective abstract should address at minimum four general questions.

Scientific Poster Presentations: Billboard Science

Kendall Powell writing in Nature

Posters are a chance to show off your work and to network with colleagues, but only if the design is easy on the eye. Award-winning presenters weave a research tale that flows from the layout.

Novelist Cormac McCarthy’s Tips on How to Write A Great Science Paper

Van Savage and Pamela Yeh writing in Nature

For the past two decades, Cormac McCarthy — whose ten novels include The Road, No Country for Old Men and Blood Meridian — has provided extensive editing to numerous faculty members and postdocs at the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) in New Mexico. In this article, two SFI investigators summarize key points of advice that McCarthy has provided over the years.

Why Do Press Releases Matter?

A thread about press releases & why they’re important for researchers when you want to get media coverage of your studies from the @iamscicomm twitter page.

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