Become a Science Expert! 5 Student-Approved Websites to Check Out With Your Kids

Are you looking for some fun and interactive websites to engage students in science? Look no further! Our science communications intern Aliénor Rice– a high school student at the International School of Boston, recently checked out this list of the best science websites for students, and picked out some of her favorites. Check out her recommendations below, and if there is a site we missed that you love, be sure to let us know in the comments!

Blackbody Spectrum Screenshot
Blackbody Spectrum (Image courtesy of the PhET Interactive Simulations site)

PhET Interactive Simulations

PhET Interactive Simulations, winner of the 2017 Wise Awards, has delivered over 360 million free and interaction simulations in physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, and math. The visual, game-like environment helps keep Middle and Upper School students engaged and incites them to learn.

Exploring Earth Investigations

From glaciers to atoms, this well-structured earth science website will take you through pages with images, data, animations, and ideas for your own investigation in 8 units and 30 chapters. Exploring Earth also provides Earth News and Local Resources for deeper understanding.

Phenomena for NGSS

Ever wonder what a volcano looks like from space? Or why Mentos and Coke react? This science website provides countless explanations, often with videos, to these fascinating phenomena. Many of these can also be used as science experiments in Middle or Upper School classes.

Nacreous clouds (Image courtesy of the Phenomena for NGSS site)

New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning

Not only does this website teach math and science from Kindergarten to AP levels, the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning also offers each subject in Spanish. Each unit is composed of 5 steps, including a presentation, homework, and an assessment — which can be used both by students and teachers.

Ecological Footprint Calculator

How many planets would we need if everyone lived like you? This interactive, environmental science website measures your ecological footprint based on food, housing, and transportation. Footprint Calculator is easy and fun, yet increases global warming awareness for students of all ages.

Image result for footprint calculator
Measure your ecological footprint!
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