Biobank Reveals Novel Research Kiosks

At the Partners HealthCare Biobank, everyone has the ability to help shape the future of healthcare. The Biobank is a research initiative that brings patients, clinicians, and investigators together to make research discoveries that improve care for generations to come. Patients are asked to provide consent, a blood sample, and take a health survey. These contributions are used in cutting edge research projects on a variety of health conditions.

On April 28th the Biobank unveiled two interactive research kiosks located in the Wang and Yawkey 2 lobbies. The main objective of the kiosks is to raise awareness of the project throughout Mass General. The kiosks are a novel tool to help build a partnership between patients and researchers. They are also one of many initiatives implemented by the Biobank to make involvement in medical research more accessible to patients. Our community’s engagement with the Biobank is crucial because the more people who join, the more power researchers have to make discoveries that impact our health.

Patients are invited to help the Biobank with this progression of innovative research by learning more online at At the Biobank, discovery starts with you.

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