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To Mars and Beyond: Exploring Innovative Solutions to the Challenges of Space Travel

If you could only bring two shoeboxes worth of medical supplies—from first aid kits to surgical tools— with you on a three year space mission, what would you bring? What if these limitations were compounded by a much higher risk of health complications, including increased exposure to radiation, bone density loss and so much else […]

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Proposed NIH Budget Cuts Could Devastate the Research Landscape

From scientists and physicians to senior leadership, members of research community at Massachusetts General Hospital are expressing deep concerns about President Donald Trump’s proposed budget for Fiscal 2018, which calls for a $5.6 billion cut in funding for medical research via the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Harry W. Orf, PhD, Mass General’s senior vice […]

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Reading the Unconscious Mind Under General Anesthesia

In September, eight researchers came to Massachusetts General Hospital to compete in our first-ever Art of Talking Science competition during HUBweek. Each researcher had four minutes to present their science to an audience of 200 people and a panel of judges, and then received feedback on how well they communicated the impact and significance of their work. Participants included scientists […]

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Dr. Harald Ott in his research lab

Mass General Scientists are Growing New Hearts in the Cells of Old Ones

In the lab, Dr. Harald Ott and his colleagues have taken ghostly hearts and resurrected them as new ones. Shocked with electrical pulses, those new hearts have even started beating again.

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Genetic Studies Reveals New Clues to Hereditary High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a major cause of heart disease and stroke. We know that half the risk of developing high blood pressure is due to inherited factors, but until recently we only understood two percent of the genetic reasons for that risk. But researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital are now a step closer to understanding the genetic underpinnings […]

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How Social Media Can Distort and Misinform When Communicating Science

Great article about the challenges of science communication (or lack thereof) in the age of social media…. “Social media has been transformative in how it has democratized communication. But it’s a double-edged sword: social media allows scientists to correct misinformation by communicating their findings with public audiences to promote an understanding of complex issues. Equally dangerously, though, social-media […]

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Meet Our Summer Communications Interns!

This summer the Mass General Research Institute is fortunate to welcome two undergraduate students to our new summer internship program. Milo Goodman and Alyssa Gocinski will be visiting labs and centers around the Mass General campus to write stories and blog posts about some of the amazing research that takes place here every day. Be […]

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Smart Clothing – The Wave of the Future?

  Is the next big trend in fashion likely to come from the research lab instead of the runway? Find out how scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital are using nanoparticles to create holographic sensors that change color in response to chemical parameters such as pheromones, glucose and salts, and how these technologies could be used […]

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Research Roundup

In this month’s edition, we have news about a potential new treatment for ‪#‎depression‬, new insights into ‪#‎tumor‬ growth, a smartphone app that can track your mental health, and lots more. Read the full Research Roundup here

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Female STEM Professionals Honored in Male-Dominated Field

Comments on gender and science from Susan A. Slaugenhaupt, PhD, the Scientific Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Research Institute and a research scientist with more than two decades of experience at the bench. Slaugenhaupt was recently named a Woman to Watch in Boston’s science and technology community by the Boston Business Journal. Award winner […]

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