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5 Things To Know: How Where You Live Can Affect Your Heart Health

Does living in a low-income or high-crime neighborhood have a measurable effect on your heart health? Here are five things to know about a recent research study from Massachusetts General Hospital that explored the connections between the two.

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Study Finds A Connection Between What You Buy for Food at Work and Your Health

Sometimes making your lunch seems like a hassle, so buying a slice of pizza or a sandwich can be an easy solution. But those purchases can add up after a while and have the potential to affect not only your wallet, but your health as well.

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Weekend Links: Our Favorite Science Stories from Across the Web

We’ve hand-picked a mix of Massachusetts General Hospital and other research-related news and stories for your weekend reading enjoyment.

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Many U.S. Travelers Don’t Get Measles Shot

A study led by Massachusetts General Hospital investigators found that many U.S adults travel abroad without first getting the full recommended course of measles vaccines. Researchers are now looking to find ways to increase the vaccination rate in order to protect travelers and the people they come in contact with back home. The measles virus […]

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Mass General Research Study Suggests that Cases of Hepatitis C May be Higher Than Reported

A new research study conducted by investigators from Mass General and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health suggests that the number of hepatitis C virus (HCV) cases in the United States may actually be higher than reported, in the context of an enlarging opioid use epidemic. This gap in reporting may be due to fragmented […]

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