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Wafa Altalhi, PhD

Devising New Ways to Improve the Bioengineering of Blood Vessels

Imagine you’re building a house from scratch. You know the components you’ll need: foundation, framework, walls, a roof, plumbing and electricity, to name a few. But there’s a lot more that goes into the process. How do you wire each room for electricity and connect the plumbing to sinks and showers? How do you hook […]

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Mass General Researchers Share Their Science On-screen

From the Wall Street Journal to local TedTalks, Massachusetts General Hospital researchers are finding new outlets for sharing their science with the public. Check out just a few recent videos highlighting investigators from Mass General: Twenty Americans die every day waiting for transplants. Now researcher Harald C. Ott, MD, from the Department of Surgery thinks […]

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Lab Day Provides Exclusive Look Behind the Scientific Curtain

When you love music, you go to a concert. When you love art, you go to a gallery. But when you love science you can’t just go to a laboratory — or can you? On June 7, six scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital opened their laboratory doors to a group of donors and their friends […]

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