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Weekend Links

We’ve hand-picked a mix of Massachusetts General Hospital and other research-related news and stories for your holiday weekend reading enjoyment: When love and science double date – coverage of research by Mass General psychiatrists Richard Schwartz and Jacqueline Olds, mentions study led by Mass General investigator Robert Waldinger Caring for Ms. L. — Overcoming My Fear […]

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Opioid-related hospitalization

Research from Mass General Clinicians Highlights the Growing Opioid Problem and Its Impact on Health Outcomes

The opioid epidemic continues to devastate the United States, with drug overdose deaths and opioid-related health complications on the rise. According to the CDC, from 2000 to 2015 more than half a million people died from drug overdoses, and 91 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. 91 Americans die every day from an […]

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Weekend Links: Our Favorite Science Stories from Around the Web

We love good science stories here at the Mass General Research Institute and wanted to share a few of our favorites from other health and science websites. Enjoy! The best and worst analogies for CRISPR, ranked From a knockout punch to an act of God, CRISPR technology has drawn comparisons to a vast array of […]

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Hackathon Revolutionizes Care with Plan to Reduce Deadly Opiate Overdoses

When it comes to stopping the deadly effects of an opiate overdose, time is of the essence. Every moment that the brain is deprived of oxygen increases the risk of permanent damage or death. Overdoses can be reversed by administering a drug called Narcan, but the treatment has to be delivered quickly. A team of […]

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Massachusetts General Hospital Receives Prestigious McGaw Award for Community Service

The award, sponsored by The Baxter International Foundation, American Hospital Association (AHA), and Health Research & Educational Trust, is given each year to a health care organization that provides innovative programs that significantly improve the health and well-being of its community. Massachusetts General Hospital’s comprehensive initiative to address the opioid epidemic most recently exemplifies this commitment to community […]

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