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Chalkboard on the wooden table written this year I will.

Mass General Researcher Resolutions

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, we reached out to a few of our top researchers at Mass General to hear about their proudest moments from 2018 and what they look forward to accomplishing in 2019.

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Research Your Resolution: Use Food Placement to Set Yourself Up for Weight Loss Success

Do you have goals for improving your health in the New Year? This month, investigators from the Mass General Research Institute are discussing the science behind some common New Year’s resolutions, and offering tips and advice based on their research into exercise, diet, healthy aging, heart health, and much more. Anne Thorndike, MD, MPH, is […]

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What is Your New Year’s Resolution Solution?

What is your goal for 2016? To lose weight? Save more money? Live life to the fullest? This article shares some valuable ways to put the relaxation response to use in fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions.

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