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Could the Microbiome be the Key to Ending Chemotherapy-Induced Pain?

Most of us have experienced the odd sensation of “pins and needles” in our hands or feet. While annoying and painful, the sensation usually goes away quickly. But for many people with peripheral neuropathy, a disorder involving increased sensitivity of nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord, this experience may linger for months to […]

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Hormone May Protect and Preserve Ovaries During Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy’s anti-cancer effects depend on its ability to damage rapidly growing cells, which is beneficial when targeting cancer cells that multiply rapidly. However, chemotherapy also causes collateral damage to other types of rapidly growing cells, including cells found in the ovaries. A naturally occurring hormone that plays an important role in fetal development, called Mullerian […]

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Microfabricated Device Developed at Mass General Allows Evaluation of the Efficacy, Toxicity of Drugs Metabolized Through the Liver

A team of researchers from the Mass General Center for Engineering in Medicine (CEM) has developed a new microfabricated device that simplifies the process of testing so-called “pro-drugs” for toxic side effects. A pro-drug is one that is administered in an inactive form and then transformed into an active drug via metabolism in the liver. […]

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