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Learn about recent research into depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other psychiatric disorders from researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital.


The STRONG Study: Uncovering the Impact of Early Life Experiences Using Teeth

In this study, the Dunn lab is specifically interested in better understanding how the Boston Marathon bombings and manhunt in 2013 affected mothers in Boston and around the world, and how these events might be recorded in children’s teeth.

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Teeth as Tools to Measure Early Life Adversity and Future Mental Health Risk

Recent research by the Dunn lab has suggested that the timing of adversities in life matters. There appear to be “sensitive periods” during development when exposure to adversity may have more potent and long-lasting impacts.

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Why Teeth Intrigue Us: A Q&A with Members of the Dunn Lab

For a bit now, the Dunn lab has been leading efforts to study teeth. They are curious about the stories they might tell about a person’s life experiences and future risk for brain health problems, like depression.

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Could Yoga One Day Be Prescribed as a Depression Treatment? Five Questions to Consider

There’s promising evidence that yoga could work well as a complementary therapy for depression, but some key questions remain.

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Study Links Eating Disorders to Childhood Infections

New data from a Mass General researcher highlights a link between the immune system and the onset of eating disorders.

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Neuro Science DAy

Mass General Celebrates its Second-Annual Neuroscience Day

The second annual Neuroscience Day took place under the Bulfinch tent earlier this month, with a series of speakers, research presentations and an electronic poster session highlighting recent advances.

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Five Things to Know About Gaming Disorder

Gene Beresin, MD, executive director of the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Massachusetts General Hospital, recently wrote an article about gaming disorder. For those who may not be aware of gaming disorder, or parents who are worried about their child’s gaming patterns, here are five things to know.

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Preventing Mental Illness Across the Lifespan: Meet the Team that’s getting it DUNN

Meet Dr. Erin Dunn and her research team, who are dedicated to reducing the burden of depression and other brain health disorders by discovering innovative approaches to prevention.

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The IBHCRP: Breaking Down the Walls that Separate Physical and Mental Health

What if there was a simple way to help individuals prioritize their emotional health just as much as their physical health? As a clinical psychology intern at Massachusetts General Hospital over a decade ago, Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD, found herself asking this question about the orthopedic surgery patients she was caring for.

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Nutritional Psychiatry: Mental Health from a Nutrition and Lifestyle Perspective

Most people have heard the expression “you are what you eat” and think about how what they eat affects their physical health, but could food be affecting mental health too?

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