About the Mass General Research Institute

United by Research. Driven by Hope.

The Massachusetts General Hospital Research Institute was established in 2015 to promote, support and guide the largest hospital-based research enterprise in the United States.

Research at Mass General is powered by a community of over 8,500 people working across more than 30 institutes, centers, and departments. In 2017, our research budget was over $900 million and our researchers were authors on more than 7,000 papers in scientific and medical journals.

Embedded within the hospital, the Research Institute is built on a culture of excellence, compassion and groundbreaking scientific achievement. Our researchers work side-by-side with physicians—in the lab, in the clinic, and at the bedside—harnessing the latest technological advancements to foster discovery at every stage.
We partner with academia, industry, governments, philanthropists and our community to prevent disease, make medical innovation sustainable, and find cures to improve the lives of our patients and those across the globe.

Learn more at http://www.massgeneral.org/research/.

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