Weekend Links — Our Favorite Science Stories from the Web This Week

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Photo credit: Alex Eben Meyer, New York Times

We’ve hand-picked a mix of Massachusetts General Hospital and other research-related news and science stories for your weekend reading enjoyment:

Secrets of the Y Chromosome – It’s not just what makes males into males. The sex chromosome also influences health in hidden ways, some experts believe, and may even explain why men have shorter life spans.

We Should Teach All Students, in Every Discipline, to Think Like Scientists – Only if colleges and universities teach all students to think like scientists

Opinion: Finding the plot in science storytelling in hopes of enhancing science communication – In an era increasingly defined by open access, crowdfunding, and citizen science endeavors, there is a growing demand for researchers to communicate their findings not just within their field but to general audiences as well. One of scientists’ main endeavors then, must be to present discoveries about which the public will care.

Does Depression Accelerate Aging? – A clear association between depression, especially the major depressive disorder, oxidative stress, and accelerated aging is supported by research.

Devastated by ALS, trying to save others – With his voice silenced and body ravaged, Rahul Desikan’s research gives him a ‘reason to live.’

Five tips on using science to live a better, healthier life – How can you use science to make more informed decisions? Here are a few pointers to empower you to make a change.

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