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The monster, played by Boris Karloff (right) has a tense encounter with his inventor in the 1931 movie Frankenstein, based on Mary Shelley’s novel.

We’ve hand-picked a mix of Massachusetts General Hospital and other research-related news and stories for your weekend reading enjoyment:

Book Club: Frankenstein in the 21st Century – Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was unleashed on the literary world 200 years ago, but its message still has relevance to everything from gene editing to Facebook.

Being a Couch Potato May Change Your Personality – The largest study of its kind suggests long-term physical inactivity and character traits may be linked

Primer: How To Speak Basic Biotech, From ‘Transformative’ To ‘Valley Of Death – The Boston area’s booming biotech cluster is a little like a country with its own culture: tribes, hierarchies, social currency, customs. And cultures tend to have languages. So how does one begin to speak biotech?

Michael Pollan takes a trip – Lecturer and science writer sampled psychedelics for new book on latest research

YouTube your science – Video is an engaging way to make your research more accessible, says Adrian A. Smith, a research assistant professor in biology at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

34192167 - 3d render of virus and bacteria cells

New Tool for Predicting C. Difficile Infections Shows Promising Results

34702881 - background high tech image of dna molecule

Looking for Insights to A Rare Genetic Neurologic Disease

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