Weekend Links: Breathalyzers and Brain Caps, Plus 12 of the Best Science Podcasts


Welcome to Weekend Links! We’ve hand-picked a mix of Massachusetts General Hospital and other research-related news and stories for your weekend reading enjoyment:

Breathalyzers and brain caps: Researchers race to devise a roadside test for driving while high – Researchers at Mass General’s Center for Addiction Medicine are testing out a brain imaging device that could potentially meet the growing need for a Breathalyzer for marijuana.

You aren’t at the mercy of your emotions—your brain creates them – A TED Talk featuring Mass General’s Lisa Feldman Barrett, PhD.

The Gut and the Brain – What is the connection between these two large nerve centers? Mass General’s Braden Kuo, MD, and Kyle Staller, MD, of the Center for Neurointestinal Health, explain.

12 of the best science podcasts that will make you smarter

NASA’s Juno Just Took the Most Beautiful Photo of Jupiter We’ve Ever Seen

Top photo courtesy of: NASA / SwRI / MSSS / Gerald Eichstädt / Seán Doran © PUBLIC DOMAIN

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