First Genitourinary Vascularized Composite Allograft (Penile) Transplant in the Nation Performed at Massachusetts General Hospital

The landmark procedure represents the culmination of more than 3½ years of research and collaboration across multiple departments and divisions within Massachusetts General Hospital – including Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Urology, Psychiatry, Infectious Disease, Nursing and Social Work – all of which are part of the Mass General Transplant Center.


“In 2012, my life changed forever when I suffered a debilitating work accident, followed by a devastating cancer diagnosis. Today, I begin a new chapter filled with personal hope and hope for others who have suffered genital injuries, particularly for our service members who put their lives on the line and suffer serious damage as a result. I want to thank the extraordinary medical team here at Mass General, who helped not only make this possible, but quite literally saved my life.

“I would also like to sincerely thank the family of the donor, whose wonderful gift has truly give me the second chance I never thought possible. I thank my mother for standing by my side and helping me through each step of the way. In sharing this success with all of you, it’s my hope we can usher in a bright future for this type of transplantation. Thank you.”

Thomas Manning, 64, Halifax, MA


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