When Medicine Meets the Arts

Did you know that Mass General has an official “writer-in-residence?” Primary care physician Suzanne Koven, MD, is first to hold the role in the hospital’s 200+ year history.

Koven, whose work frequently appears in the Boston Globe and other publications, has observed that medicine’s crucial element—the clinician-patient relationship—has become threatened as the profession becomes increasingly technology-driven. She and
other physicians believe that integrating creative arts such as writing, art and music with the practice of medicine can help reduce physician burnout, foster empathy and enhance patient-doctor communication.


**Koven will be appearing at the Paul S. Rusell, MD, Museum along with WBZ-TV medical reporter Mallika Marshall to talk about the dual challenges of practicing medicine and reporting on medicine. The event is part of the Women in Medicine series sponsored by the Mass General Research Institute.**

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